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50. CARDION Karlův běh

Organizer:                          LK Slovan K. Vary z.s.
Date:                                  20.-21.2.2021karluv 2021
Place:                                Boží Dar v Krušných horách
Place of Registration:       Tawn Hall (Boží Dar)


Saturday 20.2.2021:

  • Children‘s race CT 0,5 km und 1,5 km – start 10:00 und 10:15
  • Children‘s race CT 6 km – start 10:30
  • 22 km FT – start 11:00
  • 12 km FT (Hobby Race) – start 11:15

Sunday 21.2.2021:

  • 45 km CT – start 10:30
  • 22 km CT – start 11:00
  • 12 km CT (Hobby Race) – start 11:15



On-line here until 17.2.2021  (

In the Race Office:

  • Friday 19.2.2021              16:00-20:00
  • Saturday 20.2.2021          7:30-9:00 and 12:00 – 16:00
  • Sunday 21.2.2021            7:30-9:30

Tab 1

Euroloppet Registration Fee – Euroloppet Pass Holder
(20 % discount on the registration fee at late registration – In the Race Office)

Tab 2

The settlement date of the sum in the account of the organizer is important for the price of the Registration Fee. The starting number will not be given without a receipt for Registration Fee Payment.


Saturday 20.2.2021

Tab 3

Sunday 21.2.2021            

Tab 4


General Information:

• For all competitors there will be an original souvenir (a race ski cap, a bag with promotional gifts, Nutrend products, a starting number, the transponder, refreshments, feeding stations on the tracks and in the finish) included in the Registration Fee price.

• All competitors accept and acknowledge the ski rules. Use the FT in the Sunday race is forbidden and competitors are disqualified.

• Racers take part at their own risk, they are medically and mentally fit to race. Competitors assume full responsibility for their own safety and their good state of health. The organizer undertakes no responsibility for damages caused by the competitors or to the competitors during the race. The organizer reserves the right to check at random using illegal stimulants.

• According to the ski rules, protests are made by 30 minutes after publishing the preliminary results. The deposit is 500 CZK and will be returned if the protest is accepted.

• With filled in and sent Registration Form all competitors of the Karlův běh accept and acknowledge the rules of the race, agree with personal data processing according to the Personal Information Protection Law and their use by the Karlův běh organizer (list of competitors, results, sending information materials, atc.). Competitors also agree with the publication of the photos and videorecordings from the race and their use for the purpose of publicity and promotion of the Karlův běh and other events organized by LK Slovan K. Vary z.s.


LK Slovan K. Vary z.s.                                                 Stopa pro život, z.s.
Dr. Davida Bechera 1009/18                                       Hvězdova 1716/2b
360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic                        140 78 Praha 4, Czech Republic
Email:                                             Email:

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